Zac Mawson (Singer)-Independent Artist

Australian Singer-songwriter

Zac Mawson (Singer)-Independent Artist

Zac Mawson Real Name: Zac Mawson

Zac Mawson Hometown: Perth, Australia

Zac Mawson Age / Born – 11 January 2003

Zac Mawson Height: 6’ 4″

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Zac Mawson Biography

Zac Mawson is a singer/songwriter from Perth, Western Australia. I write indie/alternative music, then record, mix and produce all of it myself. I am strongly passionate about music, spending most of my time either writing, recording or listening to music. Some of my biggest musical influences are Bring Me The Horizon, Ice Nine Kills, Imagine Dragons and Lewis Capaldi. I started writing music from about the age of 10 and released my first EP ‘Collide’ at 14/15.

I have been working for years on my new music and Beautiful & Dangerous is the first song released since that EP. My next song to come out will be Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You and this is my favourite track I’ve ever written. I plan to have a new album out early 2022. I have performed and competed and won many musical competitions both solo and with my band Breaking The Chains (alt. rock, metal).

I am super excited to begin my music career and can’t wait to showcase my hard work to the world. I write, perform, record and mix everything myself, teaching myself along the way with guidance from my singing teacher on both singing technique and production tips and tricks. I hope to be able to one day have my permanent job be music and make a living of it. Whether it be songwriting, performing, mixing or producing.

My favourite artists to listen to are Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, Ice Nine Kills, Asking Alexandria and many more rock and metalcore bands although the music I write is much more acoustic and alternative rather than heavy. I spend most of my time listening to music when I’m not writing or recording or producing and I aspire to be an artist one day which people obsess over the music as much as I do for the bands I love.”

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