Yaprak (Rapper) – Independent Artist

Turkish Singer

Yaprak (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Yaprak Real Name:Yaprak Guvener

Yaprak Hometown: Turkey

Yaprak Age / Born – 23/10/1984

Yaprak Height: 1.63 m

Yaprak Music Videos

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Yaprak Biography

Yaprak is singer, songwriter, and dancer. She was born in Istanbul. She graduated from a college in Turkey as an honor student ranked 3rd in Geological Engineering. One of the Turkish music record labels offered to make her album, but she couldn’t accept it because of her education. She started to write Turkish songs when she was 12 years old.

She started to write English songs when she moved to Dubai in 2013 for living. During the Covid – 19 pandemic, she started to share her live performances on social media then she was discovered by Turkish Record Label, Avrupa Muzik. Avrupa Muzik released her live performance, Sen Yokken, Single. After her release, she worked with independent musical artists all over the world for her English songs. She released her first English single ‘’Love in Summertime’’ in 2020. 

She also directed Love in Summertime official music video. She released her second single, Strong Girl and official music video, directed by her, in October 2020. She released her first EP, Green Eyes in January 2021. Her EP contains 5 tracks, and all the songs are written and composed by her. It was experimental and authentic work that contains different genres such as indie, rock, country, pop music.

Green Eyes song gave its name to her EP. She also directed Green Eyes official music video of her Green Eyes song in Dubai, January 2021. Her latest release ‘’Kapatın Işıkları’’ was published on the news as a new rock music. She loves writing her own music. She writes songs in English and Turkish.

She plays acoustic guitar, and she likes to write more experimental music. What differentiates her is her authentic style. that combines different cultures as well as different genres. One of her many hobbies include giving yoga classes as she is certified yoga instructor. And she is an entrepreneur in technology. 

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