xannyboyy.$$ (Rapper) – Independent Artist

Nigerian Rapper & Music Producer

xannyboyy.$$ (Rapper) - Independent Artist

xannyboyy.$$ Real Name: Emmanuel Watson

xannyboyy.$$ Hometown: Nigeria

xannyboyy.$$ Age / Born – 28 September 2003

xannyboyy.$$ Height: 5’ 11″

xannyboyy.$$ Music Videos

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xannyboyy.$$ Biography

I’m Emmanuel Watson, I am a rapper record producer, beatmaker, and songwriter from the eastern part of Nigeria. I was born on the 28 September so just like Snoop Dogg and others my zodiac sign is Libra.

I started rapping at age 11 then I continued in middle school forming a rap group which later crumbled I started out recording on my cell phone but professionally started mixing after the 2020 covid 19 lockdown during that time my biggest inspirations include juicewrld, young thug, lil baby, falz the bad guy due to that just like me they have never had it easy and there success stories says a lot about fate facing your fears and winning leading you to wipe your tears.

My siblings and friends play a big role as my crew my sister Hilda Watson(registered nurse) has really been rock to stand on and shoulder to cry on while Annabelle Watson.Esq is my legal adviser they have really helped and encouraged me and I love them for that and many more reasons. 

The both if them have been strength since I was little but my brother Dr David always lightens the mood although relatively misunderstood but we all have our shit to deal with his one of the God fearing decent generous and intelligent person I have ever had the grace to meet.

During the pandemic I had an epiphany and I started chasing the dream for real learning by my self how to make beats and then how to mix and master I’m learning and growing everyday, i also got better at writing songs writing over 20 songs which I haven’t recorded I then released a mixtape on audiomack which got 300 streams in less than two days and then I joined distrokid and released No memories and my e.p face  my fears wipe my tears which grossed a few thousand streams it was by Gods grace cause I barely promoted it more projects are on the way and by Gods grace It will be a success 

Making music for me feels like breathing cause thats my life force God designed me to make music and nothing comes easy but I love all parts of njusic but the fun side and the stress full side i just wat to express my self in the at most organic and natural.

I’m going to change the world one mindset at a time you just watch.

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