Treyy Sixxti (Rapper)-Independent Artist

American Rapper & Singer

Treyy Sixxti (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Treyy Sixxti Real Name: Tysen Fresquez

Treyy Sixxti Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Treyy Sixxti Age / Born – 03/19/1996

Treyy Sixxti Height: 5’ 11″

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Treyy Sixxti Biography

Treyy Sixxti” (Tysen Fresquez) is a hot, up n’ coming Hip Hop artist, born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

His parents, Tamara Kadleck and Michael Fresquez separated when he was just two years of age. He would stay off and on with each parent throughout his entire childhood and teen years. At seven years of age he found his very first passion! Riding and racing motocross! 

He then entered his very first race at just eight years old! Right away you could see he was very talented on a bike, because he managed to come in 2nd place! When he was fourteen years of age (2011) he had a crash and ended up tearing his ACL. Leaving him on the sidelines for over a year.

During his long recovery, he found a game for PC called MX Simulator. As a matter of fact, it’s not a game. It is a simulator, meaning that there isn’t a single animation in the gameplay. It simulates real life physics using a gyroscope for the bike and 160 lb. rider. Also, the bikes have the same dyno as real life dirt bikes for each gear. You have to sit down and stand up, shift, throttle, brake, clutch and actually lean into turns. You can also fall over if you lean just slightly too far in either direction, unlike any other motocross game to date.

In 2012 Race Factory Gaming was founded. rF created a replica supercross and motocross series and has held the pro racing series events each and every year since. Well, Tysen dominated in both series that first year in 2012 and for many years after that. In 2016, Tysen Fresquez was officially named “The Greatest of All Time” of MX Simulator. There is a video on YouTube which explains his incredible reign of dominance over the years and why he is named the greatest MX Simulator player of all time.

Tysen revealed he would always use music to hype himself up just prior to the gate drop in those professional MX Simulator races. Tysen could feel that he had a tremendous passion for music going back as far as he can remember! He says that creating music isn’t just a hobby, it’s much, much more than that now. It is his new passion! 

Right away, it’s easy to see that making music comes naturally to “Treyy Sixxti” He has big dreams & is ready to put in the work & do whatever it’s going to take to turn his dreams into reality! He’s accomplished the impossible and has become literally the greatest MX Simulator player i

Wn the entire world, so who knows, maybe he can be just as successful in the music industry! 

He mainly focuses on the Hip Hop genre, but occasionally drops some incredible RnB/Soul music as well! Check him out everyone, he is the real deal. You will not be disappointed!

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