Taylor Swift Won’t Be Performing At Super Bowl LVII

Taylor Swift Won't Be Performing At Super Bowl LVII

By Eva Leonardo — September 23, 2022

Singer Taylor Swift fans might be under the impression that their favorite singer-songwriter is lined up to play Super Bowl LVII Halftime show, but Media Music News discovered that’s not true at all.

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Social media was definitely tuned in Friday after Swift fans thought the league hinted that Taylor was to be the big performer for the event. However, after speaking to sources with direct knowledge we’ve learned that we won’t get to see Taylor’s perform live at Super Bowl LVII in Arizona.

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Taylor Swift Won't Be Performing At Super Bowl LVII

As for the hints made, the National Football League sent out a press release at midnight which they’ve announced Apple Music is taking Pepsi’s place as the sponsor for the halftime show. If you’re unfamiliar, Swift has become known for making a lot of midnight announcements, so fans had good reason to believe the leagues midnight reveal had something to do with the singer.

She will not be performing at this season’s Super Bowl LVII.

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