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Tanoshi Real Name: Philip Tyler Aram

Tanoshi Hometown: San Diego, California

Tanoshi Age / Born – 03/16/2000

Tanoshi Height: 6′ 2″

Tanoshi Music Videos

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Tanoshi Biography

Philip Tyler Aram, better known as Tanoshi, grew up in San Diego, California. Because his father was a music teacher, he and his 3 older brothers all learned the basics of music from a very young age.

In 2019, Tanoshi started his music career off by releasing a debut album with an artist named Mesa, “Running Away in May”, a reference to him leaving his hometown of San Diego, California, to move to Alaska. Later that year he collaborated with an artist named Closed on Sunday to create a Lo-Fi version of “Cantina Band” from the soundtrack of Star Wars. After seeing the incredible success Closed on Sunday had with his Lo-Fi covers, and many collaborations later, in March of 2022, Tanoshi finally decided to start releasing weekly Lo-Fi covers himself.

The music Tanoshi has chosen to cover has mostly been from soundtracks that he seems to enjoy, including tracks from different Nintendo games, movies like Lord of the Rings, and different Anime like Wolf Children and My Hero Academia. We asked him what his favorite track he’s made so far is and this is what he said:

“That’s a hard one because I feel like every time I release a new track I think I’ve done just a little bit better than the last, so it’s almost like my new favorite, but probably my cover of Anne’s Theme from the Disney cartoon, “Amphibia” has to be my all time favorite so far. It just slaps.”

We also asked Tanoshi what his plans are for his music career and if he wants to stay in the Lo-Fi genre long term, here’s what he said:

“I don’t like planning ahead too far in the future but I think the Lo-Fi genre does fit my vibe, it’s one of the only genres where like… you’re purposefully making the music sound worse, it’s in the name, “Low Fidelity”. I think I’m definitely gonna look to make more original music instead of just doing covers. I love singing and writing lyrics so you can definitely expect some Lo-Fi original songs coming out that fit the vibe of Atlas, love-Sadkid, khai dreams, mxmtoon, chevy and Cavetown. Those are all my favorite artists and I feel like they heavily inspired my first album.”

Tanoshi now travels the United States in his van, making music on the road.

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