Steve Garay(Singer)-Independent Artist

American Singer

Steve Garay (Singer) - Independent Artist

Steve Garay Real Name: Steve Garay

Steve Garay Hometown: Irvington, New Jersey

Steve Garay Age / Born – January 3, 2001

Steve Garay Height: 5’ 8″

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Steve Garay Biography

Steve Garay asked the question, have you or anyone you know of have ever experience rejection? I know I have. And to to be honest – the pain suck trust me. You don’t have to go through that pain alone. Join me and your sorrows are gone by tomorrow. New Jersey very own – “Steve Garay” is known for writing catchy pop songs. Enough about my music; and let’s gets a little personal.

Steve was born in West New York, New Jersey. But Steve spend majority of his childhood and raised in Irvington, New Jersey. His love for music begun at an early age; when Steve first heard rappers like Eminem and Wiz Khalifa. He feel in love with their rhymes and smooth flow. From then on, Steve’s mission was   dedicated to mastering his craft.

Throughout High School, Steve’ was secretly suffering through depression. He clearly felt miserable at school. He dislike the school system and  there was alway this knowing inside of Steve that school was worthless and anything that was learn at school couldn’t be apply to real life scenario. And on top of that, Steve also tended to gain more weight.

Steve coping mechanism throughout high school was writing songs. Mysteriously out of nowhere, there was this event going on during his senior year. Steve stumbled across a flyer saying “Free One hour Studio Time.” Steve was excited for this opportunity of a long time. Moving on forward; Steve recorded a demo called “Confession.” Before there was Steve Garay, there was hip hop alter ego “Hoodie Ray.” 

Hoodie Ray first song was called  “Exclusive Story.” Steve combine his love for hip hop with pop. He is heavily influenced by Eminem, Big L, Taylor Swift, Hayley William (Paramore).  His songs mostly consistent about love whether it’s about being in love or having your heart broken.

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