Singer R. Kelly Ordered To Pay $300k For Sex Abuse Victims Herpes & Psych Treatments

Singer R. Kelly Ordered To Pay $300k For Sex Abuse Victims Herpes & Psych Treatments

By Sebastian Ellenton — September 28, 2022

In New York, singer R. Kelly isn’t only going to prison for his sex crimes, but it also looks as if he’ll be ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to some of his victims including paying the bills to deal with their STDs and their psychological trauma in the aftershock.

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There was a compensation hearing in Brooklyn, New York on Wednesday, where a judge weighed in on what the singer will have to pay out to some of his victims in the case where he’s been convicted and sentenced to prison.

The judge specified that for one of Kelly’s victims he will be ordered to pay around $300K to cover treatment related to herpes, as well as psychological care that she apparently requires. The same will be ordered for another victim in that case named “Stephanie,” although a definite number hasn’t been indicated in her situation, the judge put that decision on hold and will come back to it later.

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Another victim, “Sonja,” was denied compensation. So, at this moment, it seems as if Kelly will be responsible for $300k and possibly more.

Remember, the singer’s already been sentenced to 30 years in prison in this case where he was presumed to have committed federal sex crimes.

In Chicago recently, Kelly was also convicted in his federal case in which he was cited of more crimes and there could be compensation in that case, as well.

In the past, the singer has alleged through many court filings that he’s out of for cash these days, so at this time it remains to be seen if his victims will see compensation of what a judge is ordering him to pay out. is your go-to website for the best celebrity and entertainment news with real-life stories, shocking photos and must-see video. Like us on Facebook at and follow us from our main Twitter account at @MediaMusicNews.

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