Singer Justin Timberlake Seen Yelling At Paparazzi When Asked About Ex-Girlfriend Britney Spears’ pregnancy

By Media Music News – April 13, 2022

Singer Justin Timberlake was seen on video upset with a member of the paparazzi who asked for his thoughts on ex-girlfriend Britney Spears’ pregnancy news.

“Stop! Go away,” Timberlake yelled at the enthusiastic camera man, who had in a low tone say, “Hey, what’s up, Justin? How you doing? Britney Spears just announced that she’s pregnant with her third baby.”

Singer Timberlake, 41, then waved off the paparazzi with his hand and continued to walk into the marble-covered lobby of a luxury building.

Britney Spears, 40, announced on Monday that she and her fiancé, Sam Asghari, are expecting their first baby together.

“I lost so much weight to go on my Maui trip only to gain it back 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ … I thought ‘Geez … what happened to my stomach ???’ My husband said ‘No you’re food pregnant silly 🤪 !!!’ So I got a pregnancy test … and uhhhhh well … I am having a baby 👶🏼,” she captioned on Instagram.

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Singer Justin Timberlake Seen Yelling At Paparazzi When Asked About Ex-Girlfriend Britney Spears’ pregnancy

While their casual announcement originally confused fans, Asghari, 28, eventually confirmed the news that he is going to become a father.

“Marriage and kids are a natural part of a strong relationship filled with love and respect,” the actor captioned his Instagram post. “Fatherhood is something i have always looked forward to and i don’t take lightly. It is the most important job i will ever do.”

The “Gimme More” singer already has two kids with her ex-husband Kevin Federline: Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15.

Federline, who was married to Spears from 2004 to 2007, congratulated Spears and Asghari on the news after discovering it through social media.

Regardless of how Federline feels, Spears’ other ex-boyfriend Timberlake apparently did not have anything to say about the news considering his reaction to the paparazzi.

In February 2021, the former NSYNC singer publicly apologized to Britney Spears for how he and the media treated her following their breakup in 2002, which was highlighted in the New York Times documentary “Framing Britney Spears.”

“I’ve seen the messages, tags, comments, and concerns and I want to respond. I am deeply sorry for the times in my life where my actions contributed to the problem, where I spoke out of turn, or did not speak up for what was right. I understand that I fell short in these moments and in many others and benefited from a system that condones misogyny and racism,” he wrote, also addressing Janet Jackson and their Super Bowl scandal.

Back in March 2022, Spears slammed Timberlake in a since-deleted post on Instagram, captioning that he “used” her to sell his music.

Justin Timberlake had notoriously described Spears as a cheater in his music video for “Cry Me a River.” In 2003, Diane Sawyer grilled Spears on the narrative in an interview that brought the “Circus” singer to tears. The clip resurfaced in “Framing Britney Spears.”

There was also much public conversations surrounding Spears’ virginity while she was dating the “Rock Your Body” crooner. She and Timberlake started dating in 1999 when they were 17 and 18, respectively.

Justin Timberlake married Jessica Biel in 2012. They share two kids: Silas, 7, and Phineas, 2.

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