Rxd Rose (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

Rxd Rose (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Rxd Rose Real Name: Ojore Maceia

Rxd Rose Hometown: Bridgeton, New Jersey

Rxd Rose Age / Born – 01/15/04

Rxd Rose Height: 5’ 8″

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Rxd Rose Biography

Artist Ojore Maceia hails from Broward County, Florida and now lives in Bridgeton, New Jersey and has only recently started his career as a rap artist. On the personal front, he went through a hard time living in poverty which compelled and also inspired him to take up rapping as a career.

Over time, he has captured his eccentricity as a freestyler whose spontaneity and unparalleled creative wisdom led to the release of various songs. His music is influenced by the works of some of the most prominent and violent aggressive artist in hip hop such as Comethazine and XXXTENTACION.

The soundscape of modern-day rap and hip hop is being captured by artist Rxd Rose who is aiming to deliver some of the best musical elements through his canvas. Like previously said Ojore Maceia in the younger years had to overcome much adversity. He was often made fun of, talked about, and overall treated differently. He would go home and write about his life in a notebook, good and bad things but he’d always document it.

Eventually he start to create poems which eventually led to rhymes. In 8th grade his good friend Fredrick which is referred to as “Fredo” which he met his 8th grade summer would motivate and hype him to make music. After years and years of writing he would start to record his lyrics through youtube beats starting his career, but unfortunately his good Fredrick passed on his 9th grade year and Ojore was determined to keep making music for his friend who initially believed in him from the beginning.

Initially his music was lighthearted and non-explicit, but as the years grew Ojore grew violent through music remembering his past and the much adversity he previously had to overcome. Songs as “Rip Fredo Santana Freestyle”, “Red Beam” and “One Dead” which he refers to Murder, Robbing and very dark topics he skims upon.

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