Ray Valenzuela (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

Ray Valenzuela Real Name: Ray J Valenzuela III

Ray Valenzuela Hometown: Ontario CA

Ray Valenzuela Age / Born – 04/17/1989

Ray Valenzuela Height: 5′ 8″

Ray Valenzuela Music Video

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Ray Valenzuela Biography

Who is Dj V.III? 

Musician Dj V.III AKA Ray J Valenzuela III was earning his place in hip hop by the age of 29 where he wrote his first verse to a song called Open up Your Love Again  that he would later perform with friends in the Neighborhood of Hollywood. This is where he realized his dream of being a rap star could actually become his reality.

In his rise to notoriety the [RAPPER continued sharping [HIS skills as a songwriter and recording artist. Dj V.III continued writing and rehearsing songs in preparation to eventually perform in front of larger crowds than just people in [HIS local area.

Early Life 

[V.III  was born 04/17/1989 ], in Montclair CA V.III spent [HIS early years skateboarding, and playing stickball with his cousins and Listening to his father Ray Valenzuela Sr. DJ for hours. His love for music comes from these days of listening to his dad in the mix.  V.III graduated from Valley View High school in Ontario CA in 2007.  after high school V.III joined the U.S Army where he served two terms and one deployment in aid of operation Iraqi freedom and Operation enduring freedom. When his service was concluded he went back to school to gain knowledge of audio engineering at the Los Angeles film school in order to pursue his passion for music. 

Dj V.III Is the Founder of Westend Beatz LLC and has produced over 100 beats and songs. Dj V.III has dedicated all of his work to Dallas Rey Valenzuela his son, and reminds him all the time to “Never give up and find a better way”. Making his vision into a reality is what V.III has done, and now his music is heard all over the world and people know Dj V.III’s music because of its unique sound. We should expect a whole lot more to come from this uprising star in the times to come. 

“Spread love, don’t hate, never quit just find a better way “


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