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Quizy Vvs (Rapper) – Independent Artist


American Rapper

Quizy Vvs Real Name: Farleek Hopkins

Quizy Vvs Hometown: Woodside Queens, New York

Quizy Vvs Age / Born – 11/02/1991

Quizy Vvs Height: 5′ 5″

Quizy Vvs Music Video

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Quizy Vvs Biography

Farleek Hopkins (born November 2nd,1991), better known by the stage name Quizy Vvs, is an upcoming American rapper, and songwriter hailing from Woodside Queens, New York. The upcoming musician noticed his talent at a young age (12) when he use to record over his Mother cassette tapes & fell in love with his own sound.

He later started his own label thru TuneCore called Fastlifedatcashlife ENT (2011) when he returned home from NY state prison for possession of a weapon. He released 2 songs on YouTube & SoundCloud (Single,Bout that action featuring aspiring artist from his neighborhood -Flow Cash), & (single, Henny in my dna) He did 3 years and came home & got in the studio, he performed at showcases & open mics all over the city. But the platinum sound artist was later met with trouble again when he went to sugar daddy’s strip club and seen an associate of his friend Mark Sukie Torres killer , & gotten revenge (2012).

The up upcoming Queens rapper was caught 3 months later again & returned home 7yrs later on his birthday (November 2nd 2020) & has been working so far he’s been featured on Bigqueensmedia behind the scenes vlog and the well known KollegeKidd hiphop blog which posted his first single he dropped coming home,(Vanguard lifestyle), he’s been getting close to artists like fivio foreign at video shoots networking, introducing his now new single called DEAD friends, a song inspired by painful events that he doesn’t detail but states- “Cash & Suk Loc still asleep all this pain a make you weak” it has great views even on the video he has for it on YouTube shot by Connecticut based Timbryanfilms airitout episode 125.

He’s been in the studio working on his first project called (Kelley’s son) tribute to his mother who passed away from MS a chronic disease, and another one of his best friends named Jay Cash. The Queens rapper wants his music to touch you, make you dance, & make you play it back over & over. Watch out for this guy he really has a platinum sound and sounds like the New, New York City!

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