PULSOS (Singer) – Independent Artist

Mexican Band

PULSOS (Singer) - Independent Artist

PULSOS Real Name: Ulises Richards

PULSOS Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

PULSOS Age / Born – 01/03/89

PULSOS Height: 1.73 m

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PULSOS Biography

PULSOS is a synth-pop/rock project based in Mexico founded by Ulises Richards and complemented by talented musicians who enjoy sharing their music.

Current lineup:
Toño: Bass
Gus: Drums
Alex: Guitar
Ulises: Voice/samples

The project started officially in march 2019, with the very first line up: Ulises (first voice and synths) Viri, her sister (second voice) Tania (bass) Alan (drums) and Humberto (guitar). This line up played two gigs in Mexico city during that year. Later in 2020, Corona virus came along and pushed the band to transition members.

Albums Camaleon and Escorpio were first released in 2018 with Ulises the founder as soloist, such albums were remixed and remastered  to be released as PULSOS between june and december of 2019.

In january of 2020, PULSOS received Areli Dionisio as the second voice and keyboarder and later on to Francisco Ortiz in the drums, this new line up also included the participation of Ana Gardan and Farid Tolsa as guitarists for a couple of gigs during that year. PULSOS was not full of gigs but the band kept on rehearsing to be in good shape and be ready for the future.    

During the pandemic the band took advantage to compose a new album, which they would consider as their first official album, an album that would come to mark a new sound and a new angle for their public called ETERNA, which was composed by his founder, and dedicated to an old romance.

By the end of 2020, PULSOS struggled to keep the pace and didn’t give up, but the efforts seemed to be not enough, the band was going through a tough stage and their members Francisco and Tania left the project. Ulises and Areli were at front and they continued to look for new members and keep the flame ignited.

By April of 2021, PULSOS started a new line up: Ulises (voice) Areli (second voice and keyboards), Antonio (bass) Gustavo (drums) and Iker (guitar)

During 2021 the team showcased their newly album ETERNA in two gigs in Mexico city with a great response, this boost of motivation kept the project in good direction, but unfortunately the virus was not conceding, this time Iker got infected, and this fact got them stucked at home for over three months, which gave them another chance to get into the studio and compose new music, luckily  they fulfilled their goal.

By the end of 2021 they released an EP named “LUCY AMOR ” that besides giving them a good fresh breath, is also working as a trampoline for their transition to the next material and keep their audience engaged for more.

PULSOS are ready to be a blast on stage with powerful sound and enticing performance that have tuned up over these enigmatic times.

Even when they are young and their journey together is barely starting, they are deeply experienced at playing in different gigs and venues and have renditioned their show to lots of people already.

Their upcoming material is planned to be released in April 2022 with at least ten tunes that will reveal another phase of their story as musicians.

Their new songs are full of ambient transients, corny and distorted guitars, original samples, a lot of experimentation and personal lyrics that approach modern love from a very personal and young perspective.

Follow their work on social media as PULSOS (MUSIC) and stay tuned.

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