PrinceMicheal (Singer) Independent Artist

Jamaican Singer, Rapper & DJ

  Real Name: Damion Johnson

PrinceMicheal  Hometown: St. Ann, Jamaica

PrinceMicheal  Age / Born – May 3 1985

PrinceMicheal  Height: 5 ft 7 in

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PrinceMicheal Biography

Born in may 3,1985, in St. Ann Jamaica. Parents, mother Jacinth Matthews and father, Prince Johnson. Moved to Steer town at age of 4, where I learnt the sport tennis. I became a collegiate All Star Champion, A national Tennis Champion and reign for 10 years at #1 in Jamaica. When the pandemic began in 2020 I began to use the time to explore my love for the music.

Day and night I would be in the studio refining my music talent. I would write up to 5 songs a day until I felt the need to start putting my music out there to the public. I released an Album called The Prince. I also released Singles, Hard Times, GUNZ Blazing and Living It Up. My album The prince, great album to listen to especially on your long trips. I also won the X-POZEING MUSIC AWARDS, March 2022. BEST POP SONG, LOVE AGAIN.Which is located on my Album The Prince.

My songs are available on all music platforms, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram and Facebook. September 2020 is when I started releasing my music through my very own Label, PM-PRODUCTION. I wanted to make a difference in music Industry by Producing music that build our youths and society not corrupt them. I want my music to open the eyes of man to their mistakes and make them aware that we are the ones that will make this world a better place. My Album consist of Reggae, Rap, and Pop Songs Showing diversity in different Genres.

My Current Single HARD TIMES is a collaboration with Artist Dyfarence. This is a cross over into the dancehall Genre, This Single have been well recieved. Speaks of the really people face on a daily basis. Dyfarence and I did another Single Called GUNZ BLAZING. This song is another Dancehall Genre. Making youths aware of the consequences of their actions, and that violence never pays.

My latest Rap Single Called LIVING IT UP, is song celebrating life. Some people want to see you go through that eternal struggle, they don’t want to see you living it up and having a good times. After you’ve gone through your struggle and overcome you deserve to have a good time. I am currently working on putting out some music Videos to present myself to the world. At a time when the world is in Chaos people need to heal their souls with Princemicheal Songs.

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