Phocus (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

Phocus (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Phocus Real Name: Dominique Bethea

Phocus Hometown: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Phocus Age / Born – January 28, 1993

Phocus Height: 5’ 7″

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Phocus Biography

Phocus is an independent artist from Fayetteville North Carolina, I’m 28 I’ve been makin music for about 8 years. I would consider my style to be versatile, i can rap on anything as long as it’s dope. I used to be apart of a team now i do mostly everything solo, so when you see the grind know it’s one person pushing the hardest behind it.

Music has always been a passion of mine i used to be in band growing up, and I’ve always had a deep love and interest in music. A lot of times i would just try things out to see what i was good at or what i could do. My mom used to tell me how blessed i am to want to do something and be able to pick it up and learn.

I didn’t consider it a blessing myself until i got older, i honestly thought it was just as easy for everybody else. It took me growing in my craft and talking and connecting with others to realize not only how talented i was but what true talent actually is. I consider myself a humble person but i balance that with a level of confidence that makes you not only interested but want to see more.

I’ve been studying and will continue studying the culture the craft and the history of music, hip hop more specifically so i can be the best version of an artist that i can be. I remain focused, that’s honestly where my name comes from. I wanted to find one word to describe my personality as a whole. Then i decided it needed another deeper meaning so i spelled it Phocus.

In its acronym state it means Poetic Hero Of Creative Unlimited Smoke. Meaning i consider myself a hero to poetry true artistry and the unlimited smoke, well that’s should be self explanatory. I currently have music steaming on all platforms and on YouTube as well search my name “Phocus” or “Phocus SMF”. I appreciate you taking time to find out who i am hopefully i made something that you like.  

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