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Canadian Singer

Peter Tam (Singer) - Independent Artist Alert

Peter Tam Real Name: Peter Tam

Peter Tam Hometown: Burlington, Ontario

Peter Tam Age / Born – 1962-08-07

Peter Tam Height: 5′ 10″

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Peter Tam Biography

Peter Tam, a Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Influencer, Began his musical journey in Classical Music.  The piano was his instrument of choice because every Asian kid must learn piano or violin.  Music became more interesting when he discovered chords on the piano.   Even though he grew up with Classic Rock, subconsciously, he gravitated towards Smooth Jazz influenced by legendary artists such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.

A new adventure began after attending the 2019 Juno Awards as a delegate held in London, Ontario, with an opportunity of attending a songwriter circle with the legendary David Foster.   Peter has decided to set aside his life as the National Engineering Data System Specialist at Nav Canada and become a full-time musician.  

His first release, “Thanks for the Rain,” is produced with Micheal Buble’s first producer and worked with other JUNO award musicians for the second release.  Peter recorded his first album, “A Walk in the Woods,” in 2021 during COVID, which will be available on a special edition 12” vinyl.  His original tune rendition of the Jazz Classics with a unique style.  

“If you want to be truly creative, you need to diversify and absorb everything.” Peter challenges himself daily by practicing everything from classical Beethoven Sonatas to rocking it out with Billy Joel or Elton John songs.   He prefers a baby grand piano for his performances.  Still, having one on stage is not often feasible, so he designed and created several add-ons to his portable electric piano to look like a grand piano in keeping with that classy branding.

He also hosts and Produces his weekly online series ‘Dad’s Music,’ in which he interviews and performs with other select Musical Artists live-streamed every Sunday at 7 PM PT on his Peter Tam’s Music YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.  

When there is an opportunity touring, he takes his Tesla on road trips and blogs about a musician’s adventure on the road with an EV.  He is now residing in the Vancouver Mainland area.

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