DJ Nyro Kay – Music Producer

Indian DJ & Music Producer

 DJ Nyro Kay - Music Producer

Nyro Kay Real Name: Keshav Saini

Nyro Kay Hometown: New Delhi, India

Nyro Kay Age / Born – 02/03/2003

Nyro Kay Height: 6’ 0″

Nyro Kay Music Videos

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Nyro Kay Biography

Keshav Saini or better known as Nyro Kay is a multi genre music producer/DJ . Quarantine of 2020 allowed him to explore his Interests and eventually Get started with music. From an early age of 12, He started to play Piano and that led to his magnificent obsession for music ! Later in November 2021, He self released his first official single “genesis” that helped him to get started. 

Quarantine of 2020 eventually allowed him to finally get started with music. With enough motivation and the fire to become a successful music producer, He started to work on his music day and night and with no time he started progressing a lot. With no time He had his hands in multi genres, and decided to make multi-genre songs rather than sticking to one respective genre. From 3 am lofi calming beats to head banging dubstep, He brings it all .

His first Soundcloud release was a hybrid trap and his first ever Spotify release, being a slap house record tells us the variety of music he has to offer. As a child, Nyro received many awards because of his talent in playing instrument. He has a upper hand on musical instruments, be it Acoustic like drums , or electrical like Keyboard.

His unreleased works already Have suggestions and appreciations from big music producers in the Industry. Before even starting out, He had tons of advice and guidance from big EDM Heavyweights like Timmy trumpet. ” I was lucky enough to get him to reply to me and guide me how to start and what to do ” Nyro added on getting starting advice.  Born with Indian roots, he further plans to introduce his music with elements from his own culture that’ll not only promote his culture but also will blend with other cultures as a sign of unity. 

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