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NFL Hints A Taylor Swift Super Bowl Halftime Performance

By Eva Leonardo — September 23, 2022

The Swifties are in for a treat — singer Taylor Swift could possibly be Super Bowl LVII halftime show act. The pop star’s fans are speculating after the NFL seemed to drop a big hint into it all on Thursday night.

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Back in May 2022, Pepsi ended its longstanding partnership with the NFL and its Super Bowl halftime show and on Thursday night, the league announced it eventually replaced Pepsi with Apple Music as the new sponsor.

In its announcement, the NFL made did not mention a potential halftime performer for this season’s Super Bowl LVII but, according to Taylor Swift fanbase, it wasn’t necessary because the timing of the release said it all.

The NFL strangely made they announcement at midnight which is something that’s been associated with the singer for years. Swift has released two albums since 2020 that were debuted at that time, and she’s sung the word “midnight” hundreds of times in her tracks.

The pop singer is also has plans to release a new album next month … titled “Midnights.”

Up until this point Swift has never done an Super Bowl show before with many speculating that she couldn’t take the gig because she’s locked into a sponsorship deal with Pepsi’s biggest competitor, Coca-Cola.

Because of the Apple Music sponsorship, it appears Taylor would be free and clear to sing to millions during the Super Bowl’s break on February 12, 2023 without any problem.

The league has not addressed the rumors as we have reached out for comment, but no one has responded back to us yet. is your go-to website for the best celebrity and entertainment news with real-life stories, shocking photos and must-see video. Like us on Facebook at and follow us from our main Twitter account at @MediaMusicNews.

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