Negra Panda (Rapper) – Independent Artist

Dominican Republic Rapper

Negra Panda (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Negra Panda Real Name: Jessica Grullon Laguerre

Negra Panda Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Negra Panda Age / Born – Unknown

Negra Panda Height: Unknown

Negra Panda Music Video

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Negra Panda Biography

Jessica Grullon Laguerre, better known as Negra Panda J, is making herself stand out for her charisma and attitude. She is a very defined artist who tastes like wine. He was born in 1998, he started singing at the age of 22 but he has been composing music since he was 4 years old. Her dream is to take her career far and take her music to all parts of the world… it is very important to be authentic in this music thing since every day a new talent is born that is different from yours, that is why Negra Panda always focuses on her.

Since if we neglect our personality we can be at risk of losing our authenticity, it should be recognized that this artist has always had in mind to help new talents but for that she needs to stand out first, meet her goals in order to achieve what she sets out to be. the following: being a famous artist, producer of her music, being her own manager, recording ten thousand songs, that is, you can already imagine

His first song is titled tú boyfriend y yo, it is a trap that can be found on his first YouTube channel that has more than 4,000 subscribers, real and attentive to uploading his always anxious songs, and that still does not have a music video , if you want to support her you can find her on her social networks as black panda j, black panda Grullon, it is good to support new talents so they can represent your country, in 2022 black panda j will be 24 years old she has never denied her age always She’s been proud of herself, she’s had to deal with discrimination and sexism, but what black woman doesn’t have that? Well, you know, black panda is always available to chat with her fans, so if you want to write to her, go ahead and write to her.

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