MLV “EMOS” (Singer) – Independent Artist

English Singer

MLV "EMOS" (Singer) - Independent Artist


MLV “EMOS” Hometown: Paris, France

MLV “EMOS” Age / Born – 16/02/2004

MLV “EMOS” Height: 1.68 m

MLV “EMOS” Music Video

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MLV “EMOS” Biography

MLV “EMOS” want to make happiness in sadness world or make sadness in happiness world, his goals is to be recognized of all, to be one of the most emotional musician in the world, create album, create soundtrack (music for movie) be on stage. 

1 January 2021 (single) : The Prayer (on the album One More Tears : Nowhere’s Land) (ambient/rock)

17 February 2021 (EP) : The Death’s Tower (Metal Melodic album) (five songs)

15 March 2021 (single) : Prophecy (on the album The Follow Dreams) (Metal Melodic)

1 April 2021 (single) : Whole Thang (RAP US) (MLV “EMOS” did the beat)

27 June 2021 (single) : SUKI (on the album One More Tears : Nowhere’s Land) (ambient/rock)

16 July 2021 (single) : All I DO (on the album One More Tears : Nowhere’s Land) (Sad ambient)

31 July 2021 (Album) : One More Tears : Nowhere’s Land (rock ambient album) (ten songs)

16 July 2022 (single) : Blue Stars (on the album The Follow Dreams) (ambient/rock)

1 August 2022 (Album) : The Follow Dreams (Metal ambient album) (twelve songs)

He did some featuring with other band :

2 October 2020 (single) : Cage Of Pain with his second band “GEHEN” (Metal/Rock)

26 November 2021 (Album) : REVE NOIR (Metal/Rock)

MLV “EMOS” is on every streaming plate-forme (deezer, spotify, YouTube…) 

“If you are sad, juste listen to his music and you will be better”

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