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Mercury Real Name: Alessio Tirri

Mercury Hometown: Avellino, Italy

Mercury Age / Born – 09/11/1990

Mercury Height: 1.70 m

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Mercury Biography

Alessio Tirri was born in Avellino on 9/11/1990 .. Since he was a child he has had a strong passion for music and only 14 years after the sad death of his father he decided to throw himself at 360 ° in music … Start this journey with the first live performances despite the huge shyness and sadness … Everything starts to change when he starts writing the first rap lyrics as a personal outlet against his life until then cruel to him … At the exit of his first unpublished with Oggi sono Io begins to open up the local television scenario with participation in various Campania broadcasts (Ciao TV, Otto Channel, Campania TV) right to name a few .. This is how his artistic identity was born. Alessio Voice ..

In 2014 he published the his first amateur album entitled Voice Story and begins to ride the rap scene but without too much success … Despite this he does not give up and in 2015 with the unreleased and album King Of Hearts sung with MariaPia Roma begins its popularity locally … Yes he stops for a short time but continues to write, to spend nights thinking about how he can change his life and suddenly a light leads himself to scream, shout and write very strong poignant pieces … After the release of the unpublished in Cima al Sogno he is contacted by first record labels such as G&J Records where the first collaborations with established artists Nando Mariano, Nino Esposito, Julia del Gaudio and so on ….

In 2018 publishes the record Black Out and its popularity grows more and more but does not give up and in 2018 barely touches the entrance to X Factor with a rap lyric piece studied by him and sung with the artist Gianluca Caiazza (emerging lyricist) ….

After two years of absence from the scene Hip Hop / R & B music, Alessio Voice is back with a super record work that brings for title “Sei … La Fine”. Sixteen tracks written by the artist and arranged by the many productions that took part in the recording project. Simone Calabrese’s No Reply Studio signs some arrangements and the final Mixing and Mastering. The brand and the record label bear the signature of Voice Production. Printing and graphic design by Yes Graphic by Giuseppe Notari with master Giuliano Farina’s G&J Records he signs one of the novelty of the disc, a rap-lyric duo sung with the artist Gianluca Caiazza; the song entitled “Musica” is a mix of emotions and tells about the experiences lived in the musical field collaborations but above all there is a great desire to do the artist, the desire to tell and to write what happens in the world, in everyday life; and it is just like that inside of the disc we find the song “A Book of Souls” sung in tandem with the artist Federica Nutini cousin of the Italian singer-songwriter Paolo The song narrates Covid 19 and also refers to some disasters that have particularly marked the history of the Irpina area (Earthquake dell’80). Always in the disc, with the artist Nutini we find the songs “Sei and the song Un Fuoco che I do not turn off “. The First takes shape with a story dedicated to a woman, where the artist imagine that his woman is like the Venus Aphrodite; The latter has a Latin flavor and goes to form the trio with another Irpinia rap singer-songwriter, AdCore. The song is about a love story which fails to vanish despite the fact that it is now over. You are … The End therefore as foretold is a mix of stories, emotions and musical passages. With the artist Shady he gives life to the song “Dentro i

Dreams “; with the artist MaryN the song” Volerai “; with the artist Save the song” Anni 90 “and finally with the artist Nate the song “On Fire”. After the collaborations to conclude we focus on two pieces in particular “Old Testament” and the song “The End”; The first tells in the form autobiographical is the artist’s life questioned just like some locked up stories in the Old Testament, a kind of simile used by the artist, while the second is what the listener will go to perceive and above all to understand through the story presents as a dialogue between the artist, the other part of himself and God …

In 2021 space for his new artistic identity Mercurio with the release of his first single Fiori Insoliti having a very positive response …. To date other releases with the new identity have been published … Among which we find the song Siamo, Il Brano Hi Pa ‘, the song Let’s start now and to finish a duet narrating Bullying with the young singer Athena Coia … The song is entitled Voglia di Vivere.

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