Man Man Musa (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

ManMan Musa (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Real Name: James Nelson

Man Man Musa Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Man Man Musa Age / Born – 12/21/1992

Man Man Musa Height: 5 ft 10″

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Man Man Musa Biography

Man Man Musa uplift his whole entire Family and friends, and he’d like to keep it that way. Musa, is known for being the life of the party, the one to steal the show, well known and a lot of people supporting him in Decatur to Atlanta, Clarkston and Gwinnett. The 29-year-old rapper has spent the past 21 minutes teaching me how to make CPN’s that helped make him famous in the Decatur and Atlanta circles long before his rapping career took off.

Inside the headquarters of UOME Empire, the most successful Underground hip-hop label currently operating in Atlanta and home to Lil Bae Vae. Musa, born James Nelson, is a Genius with his unique Voice, and flow, Every time he hit the stage he is sure to put on a unforgettable performance.

Less than a year ago, Musa was in a tough spot. He had just list his job and then got locked up, just to bound out 3 days latter. 

Musician Man Man Musa was earning his place in hip-hop by the age of 17 where he and his close friends wrote songs in high school and would gain notice among his schoolmates. he would later perform with friends in his Atlanta neighborhood. This is where he realized his dream of being a rap star could actually become his reality.

In his rise to notoriety the rapper continued sharping his skills as a songwriter and recording artist. Man Man Musa continued writing and rehearsing songs in preparation to eventually perform in  front of larger crowds than just people in Atlanta Decatur local area.

Rapper Man Man Musa was born December, 21 1992 in Atlanta, Ga. Musa spent his childhood, getting in trouble, and in and out of juvenile, Involving himself in petty crimes to provide for his family. I was the first out my family to take music serious. Rapper like T.I, Rocco, Future and Tupac made me want to give it a try. Take off( Skrrt Skrrt) out now by the one and only go check it out, #1 on the radio and YouTube.

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