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L. Bone (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

L. Bone Real Name: William Newsome

L. Bone Hometown: Florence MS

L. Bone Age / Born – March 6, 1985

L. Bone Height: UNKNOWN

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L. Bone Biography

I’m William Newsome aka L.Bone born on March 6, 1985 I’m an independent hip hop/rap artist under my own label which is C53 Productions, I’ve been making music since about 1999-2000 I’m from Jackson MS. The music I make is relative to my generation, classic 90’s to 2000’s rap style Also my son has stepped on the scene bringing with him the style of the newer generation.

Recently I have started using the alias BILLtheBEAST After having not done any music for 4 or 5 years, been back producing country rap tunes for a few years now and it’s definitely some of my best work. Since I’ve started back I’ve released The Antidote LP following was the EP Bill Da Beast volume 1 and Bill Da Beast Vol 2. Which would be the latest released to date. Somewhere in between released the official music video for the single “Bout money” (600 plays) off of The Antidote LP on his personal YouTube channel L.bone C53 (39 subscribers). My Facebook page has 249 followers.  

I release all my material through my personal page and through Distrokid releases all of my official material. Recently L.Bone has tried his hand on producing beats with his MPC one MPC beats on his Apple Mac. Results are so so but getting better with time. L.Bone is an only child of his father, the youngest of three of his mother, and as a father of three two girls and one boy.

  When first starting, my very first performance, I accumulated a personal promoter who was small time and having me doing free shows throughout the state of Mississippi which never really came any benefits, but did really bring many experiences and many lessons. Planning on brand new material to be released very soon. Giving Much Love and Thanks Each And Every Fan Who Listens! Thank You All!


Moves In Da Booth, 24Life, Moves In The Booth 2, The Antidote Mixtape, The Vaccine Mixtape, The Antidote LP, BillDaBeast Vol. I, and BILLtheBEAST Vol.II

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