King Lavish (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

King Lavish (Rapper) - Independent Artist

King Lavish Real Name: Vincent Lee Johnson

King Lavish Hometown: El Paso, TX

King Lavish Age / Born – 06/24/1994

King Lavish Height: 6′ 8″

King Lavish Music Videos

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King Lavish Biography

King Lavish was born in New Jersey, raised in California and moved to El Paso, TX in 2015.  He has been writing songs since the age of 16, always free styling over beats which transitioned to recording and producing his own music. His music is based on past and current life events and observations on society and how everything fits together. 

Having been incarcerated at a young age, Lavish looked to music as a way to express his thoughts and emotions. Writing releases the many stresses of life and allows perspective into the loss of his mother and grandmother at such a young age. Being the 5th of 7 children, he looked up to his older siblings for guidance.

Lavish shows love for his city and his upbringing in his music. This is just the beginning…….Lavish has played sports in Middle school and also has played high school sports which he also got a full ride scholarship to Countless university where he later graduated from Penn state university and also trying to make sure family was doing great he would be in an out of the streets at a younger age just to provide for his family and siblings after so many troubles coming his way with being locked up at a young age of 14 and also as an adult.

He knew that the streets wasn’t for him but he didn’t want or need to see his family suffer from not having much and bills cut off so he ended Grinding harder while trying to do the best he could to keep up with helping his family the best way he could by going back into the streets and hanging around other underground music artists an an eventually learning and picking up what they have been doing and learning how they rhyme an all an thinking back in current and past and the future of all lavish has been through and his family an stuff he has seen in the streets and expressing his life of  what it’s like feeling alone and doing all on his own as a independent music artist.

His personality is caring for those he sees working hard and those he tries to help find or see their dream lavish also has help out the homeless an donated shoes and also has showed love and still currently to a lot of local and different states across the us to business owners his dream is to see his family in a better situation an hope to make it out some day his top 4 favorite music artists he looks up to is J Cole, Tupac shakur, Nipsey hussle, Young dolph. Lavish favorite slogan speech for others is NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE YOUR DREAMS AWAY OR KNOCK YOU DOWN EVERYONE HAS A TALENT THERE GREAT AT JUST PUSH THROUGH NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION IS, BE YOU.

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