King Cris (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper & Singer

King Cris (Rapper) - Independent Artist

King Cris Real Name: Cristopher Lewis

King Cris Hometown: Fontana, CA

King Cris Age / Born – February 23, 1998

King Cris Height: 6’ 1″

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King Cris Biography

King Cris (Cristopher Lewis) is a rapper, singer-songwriter, and audio engineer from Southern California. He is known best for his unique stylistic approach to songwriting. From telling stories, to creating scenarios from pure feelings of the soul, KING CRIS intends to push the narrative of rap, R&B, and Neo Soul in an entirely new direction.

During his time on the basketball team in high school, King Cris was drawn to the culture of hip hop within the community, inspired by artists like Drake, J. Cole, Logic, Cordae, and Childish Gambino. As his interest in hip hop became more apparent, it wasn’t until a late night freestyle with his cousin and brothers would convince to dive into the creation of music and explore the technology behind audio engineering.

His debut, however, would take place in the Fall of 2018 as he released a series of experimental singles that were created from an iPhone 6. One single, titled ‘Southside Lovin’, would catapult the young artist into the world of the underground music scene. He would then go on to perform his first concert at The Catch One in Los Angeles on December 13, 2018 and continue to perform 2 more times the following year in Downtown Ontario.

In 2019, KING CRIS would continue this string of releasing singles throughout the year while establishing his identity in the rap scene. This string of music was concluded with the release of his first mixtape ‘20K’, which he dedicated to his late grandmother. Though he’s just getting started, the message in his music is extremely present. “I do this for the next generation.

I wanna show them that material things don’t make them ‘socially acceptable’ and that it’s okay to be different no matter who they are. I’m here to change lives.” The future holds many bright moments for this hybrid artist, with plans to release his next body of work in early 2022.

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