KidShazam (Rapper) – Independent Artist

Iranian Rapper & Singer

KidShazam (Rapper) - Independent Artist

KidShazam Real Name: Ariabod Fatehi

KidShazam Hometown: Tehran Province, Iran

KidShazam Age / Born – 25/12/2002

KidShazam Height: 1.86 m

KidShazam Music Videos

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KidShazam Biography

Ariabod Fatehi, professionally known as “KidShazam” is a rapper, singer & songwriter, mainly known for his track “Dear Diary”. He started his career at the age of 16, first rapping in Persian, but soon changing to English which was more to his taste. He’s currently living in Madrid, Spain. His music ranges from old-school hip-hip to hard rock and punk.

His versatility and originality makes him standout. Dear Diary was made as a result of winning a challenge held by “SkyDxddy” during quarantine (2020). The release of this track marked the beginning of Ariabod’s professional career, opening the door too many opportunities. Since then, Ariabod has been able to make songs with hip-hip legends such as KXNG Crooked and Kurupt.

Ariabod writes his songs based of his own life or the life of the people surrounding him. A clear example is the song “Rainbow’, which Ariabod wrote for his best friend as a result of him coming out. Up to this point, Ariabod has dedicated songs to two people, his two best friends, with “Not Alone” being the other song dedicated to the person, who Ariabod describes as “his favorite person on earth”.

Recently, KidShazam has been making music as part a band known as “Ink In Verses”. From the songs of this band we could name “Luna”. This group focuses on reviving the rockstar life in the new generation. As a solo artist, KidShazam has also been focusing on making rock and punk songs with a touch of rap.

The song “Space High” is a clear example of this type of song. Unfortunately, the studies have limited Ariabod to release music since he doesn’t want to dropout. Ariabod has changed so much since the start of his music career, not just improving the quality and singing on his tracks, but also physically he’s lost 30 Kg and has had a glow up everyone can agree on. Once in a while, Ariabod gives out features to upcoming artists like himself.

From these tracks we can mention “Alone” from “CNSXRD” which features a heavy KidShazam verse. From other collaborators we can distinguish “Nomrah” with whom, KidShazam released “Century”. Century to this day is one of KidShazam’s most successful and fan favorite songs.

With a possibility of changing lives, KidShazam keeps releasing music in order to keep up the positive energy and show people that they are never alone in times of need.

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