Justin Mola (Singer) – Independent Artist

American Singer

Justin Mola (Singer) - Independent Artist

Justin Mola Real Name: Justin Mola

Justin Mola Hometown: Orlando, FL

Justin Mola Age / Born – 05/03/1998

Justin Mola Height: 5’ 5″

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Justin Mola Biography

Before evolving into the mellow, “sweet-voiced” singer-songwriter and multi- instrumentalist he is today, it all started quite differently for Justin Mola. Born in 1998 in a small city in Florida (USA), he was the youngest son of two very talented musicians. With his mother being a singer, and his father being a professional drummer, a path in music was almost inevitable.

The first musical venture that kicked off his music career were the drums. He followed the footsteps of his father and spent all of his childhood perfecting the drums and mastering his craft. As he grew as a musician and learned the power music had over his life, he saw overwhelming success in this journey.

It led him to a multitude of new opportunities and experiences. One thing to mention, however, is that over the course of this journey, he started to become aware of the true potential of his talent. At the age of 12, Justin picked up the guitar for the very first time. Barely struggling to play a single chord, this instrument didn’t spark much of an interest in him.

It wasn’t until many years later that he would pick it up once more; and soon enough, he wrote his first song. From songs about anxiety and mental health, all the way to your occasional love ballad, Justin beautifully captures the raw and emotional experiences of everyday life and turns them into songs that just about anyone can empathize with.

During an interview with WFIT 89.5 FM Public Radio, he was asked why he writes music, and why he write about the things he does. He answered: “I’ve had my fair share of both good and bad experiences in my life. The only thing that has ever helped me cope with them and move forward has been writing songs.

It wasn’t until I started to put out my own songs that I realized that so many people have gone through and experienced the same things that I have. Not only did they empathize with the songs, but my music touched them in a way that gave them hope and made them feel something real. I would honestly say that the best part about making music has been hearing back from people about how much it helped them through a hard time, or how it made them feel when listening to it.

I only hope to continue to inspire people, and give them music to relate to on a real personal level. I feel that my purpose on this Earth is to remind people what it feels like to be human; to make my listeners feel something real, to provide them with comfort, inspiration, and hope when they need it most, and of course to give people anthems to scream their heart out to while cruising with the windows down! The bottom line is: as long as I’m bringing a positive change to the world with my music, I will forever be happy. There’s really not much more to it than that.”

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