Jus’NateyBoy (Rapper) Independent Artist

American Rapper

Jus'NateyBoy (Rapper) Independent Artist

Jus’NateyBoy Real Name: Nathan Barnes

Jus’NateyBoy Hometown: Massachusetts

Jus’NateyBoy Age / Born – 03/17/1987

Jus’NateyBoy Height: 5’ 8″

Jus’NateyBoy Music Videos

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Jus’NateyBoy Biography

Jus’NateyBoy is an independent rapper born and raised in west mass. His sound and lyrics land on the darker side of Reality. With a rap/metal vibe and inspired by a wide genre of music, from metal an punk, to rap and hip hop.


At 14 Jus’NateyBoy begin writing as a way to vent. 

Wile spending most of his teenage years impatient in psychiatric facilities. Writing from emotion became second nature. Life was Especially difficult making if easy to be inspired to create.

After years of hard work, an developing his sound.

He released his first single “Weedman” on 12/13/2019. Followed by 5 more singles, leading to his first album “Lucid Nightmare” released on 1/13/2021.

What to expect 

Jus’NateyBoy’s music carries a heavy an emotional sound. Speaking on the harsh truths of reality. Leaving the listener engaged with easy to relate topics an his ability to write, and be honest 

Regardless of what that might look like.

Currently Jus’NateyBoy has been in the studio preparing his upcoming album, collaborating with multiple artists, designing new merch, and continuing to grow the foundation of his brand (Z.H.E.N INDIE) in 2022.


Jus’NateyBoy though early in his career shows for sure signs of growth an improvement. With over 224,000 total streams he plans to continue the journey to leaving his mark on our society. His growing fan base on, an offline continues to increase at a steady rate. Still moving physical copies of his album, and merch throughout his hometown.

Personal Life

Jus’NateyBoy lives a semi private lifestyle. 

Keeping a small an loyal group of close friends an family. Releasing music from his home studio, and networking with local artist and producers. We are sure he has created a bright future for himself in the independent movement of music.


“A broken past, means a repaired future”


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