Juror Suffers Panic Attack In R. Kelly Trial

Juror Suffers Panic Attack In R. Kelly Trial

By Paulena Nuewensky — September 12, 2022

In Chicago one of the jurors assigned in R. Kelly‘s trial suffered a panic attack during a routine break in proceedings and the judge suddenly moved to get everyone out of the room.

The unexpected scene happened on Monday, when a white female juror, began having a panic attack after the prosecution gave their closing argument. The judge at the time says he was told the juror “couldn’t last another minute” and he excused her according to reporter Jon Seidel.

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The judge says an alternate juror, a white male is now stepping in and similarly the juror he’s replacing, this man has also not watched the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary.

Kelly’s defense teams are now giving their closing arguments, after the prosecution destroyed the singers reputation to begin the day, calling him a sexual predator who used his celebrity status to abuse kids.

Juror Suffers Panic Attack In R. Kelly Trial

Robert Kelly, who was already sentenced to 30 years in federal prison following a June 2022 conviction in New York, is awaiting the verdict in this case.

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