Jonnie Quezt (Rapper)-Independent Artist

American Rapper

Jonnie Quezt (Rapper)-Independent Artist

Jonnie Quezt Real Name: Tashombi Williams

Jonnie Quezt Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Jonnie Quezt Age / Born – 9/27/1975

Jonnie Quezt Height: 5’ 9″

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Jonnie Quezt Biography

Born and raised in the sunny lands of Los Angeles, California, Jonnie Quezt grew up surrounded by Hip Hop from the Los Angeles Music scene. It instilled in him a deep passion for music from the likes of The KDAY, Mix Masters, Fatback King, and Tim the 3rd. DJ Jazzy Jeff Not surprisingly, his dream to one day become a significant name in music started from a rather early age.

While being in love with hip Hop beats. Jonnie Quezt was slowly introduced to another genre of music-Jazz. His Uncle had an impressive collection of jazz records which he’d play all day long. Soon enough, Jonnie became absolutely Entranced with the melody of Louis Armstrong and Steely Dan.

Loui Armstrong Ramsey Lewis this amalgamation of his love for hip hop and this newfound fascination with jazz is apparent in most of Jonnie’s tracks, as he brings together different masterpieces. Jonnie Quezt went to Southwest Community College in Los Angels, California where he chose to study Music theory and Learn guitar and piano skills. He quickly found his way into the college music community, becoming apart of monthly jam sessions with his music teachers and earning a spot in the Hip Hop Congress.

These experiences came together to polish his musical abilities and allow him to experiment with different sounds and genres of music. In college, he was introduced to Project Blowed, and this kick-started his career into the world of professional Djing. As A Owner of His Own publishing Company Jonnie Quezt is Making Moves Behind the scenes to insure his Place in the Music Industry ,Whether it be Music Arrangement or Full production Jonnie Quezt Is well talented Enough to Show the world His Talents His latest Release called the TURN UP REMIX is Sure To Get You Up. 

Thank you peace and blessings 

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