Jimmy Earskine (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

Jimmy Earskine (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Jimmy Earskine Real Name: Jimmy Earskine

Jimmy Earskine Hometown: Huntsville AL

Jimmy Earskine Age / Born – 02/27/1989

Jimmy Earskine Height: 5′ 9″

Jimmy Earskine Music Video

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Jimmy Earskine Biography

Who is Jimmy Earskine

Musician Jimmy Earskine was earning his place in rap by the age of 16 years old when he wrote his first verse to a song he would later perform with friends in Huntsville, AL, in local clubs and talent agencies. Now, this is where he realized his dream of being an artist could become his reality.

In his rise to notoriety, the rapper continued sharpening his skills as a songwriter and recording artist. Jimmy Earskine continued writing and rehearsing songs in preparation to perform in front of larger crowds eventually.

Early Life

Jimmy Earskine was born February 27, 1989, in Huntsville, Al. Jimmy Earskine spent his early years helping his grandparent, working a full-time job, and making music daily. I would spend time with family and friends, but the music brought us together on another level. It gave us an outlet. It allowed our voices to set the tone. Everything took place when I was 16 years old.

When I turned 21, I took it more seriously. I would get the latest software and equipment out and learn new trades such as car technician, audio installer, appliance repair home repair to support my dreams. Around 26 to 33, I met the love of my life, settled down, and had two kids; my biggest fans made my work even more challenging. It was all about business at that point.

I was so hard on myself that I took the fun out of making music. I finally came to an end where it all was coming together, and I started to reach out to big-time artists of my generation. I landed a feature with mike jones. I didn’t do well as I had planned, but it was a start. I continue to develop my craft and find new ways to support it even more. I began to start learning how to structure music videos.

This new trade allows me to run campaigns longer, get better artwork buy more books to study. I had it all together. Now I was ready to bring my team in. I recorded multiple tracks for them and set them up on all platforms. Still, to this day, we are going strong and getting better every step.

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