Jeannot Skii (Rapper) – Independent Artist

Italian Rapper

Jeannot Skii Real Name: Cedio Kumbo

Jeannot Skii Hometown: Rovellasca, Italy

Jeannot Skii Age / Born – 02/07/92

Jeannot Skii Height: 190 cm

Jeannot Skii Music Videos

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Jeannot Skii Biography

My name is Jeannot and I’m an artist. Ever since I was 5 I stood out of the crowd for my voice and my drawing skills (I believe that drawing is really like writing and making music: it needs to come straight from your heart).

Like everybody I fell in love with music very early. I would spend hours and hours listening to Notorious BIG, 2pac, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Guè, Rick Ross… My artistic inner spirit pushed me to start writing my own lyrics and make my own music, but I’m not gonna lie: in the beginning what I was doing didn’t sound good at all. I would also spend hours on a blank piece of paper trying to write lyrics that would convince me with no results, but the thing with me is that I never give up. I do believe in talent, but I believe that hard work is more valuable.

One very Important thing for being a good artist is to always keep it real. One day I heard a song called “Find myself” which got me really inspired. I understood that the first step for becoming a great artist is to find yourself. Finding yourself means learning to be yourself despite what everybody thinks or expects from you.

It’s only when I would start finding myself as a human being that I would start growing as an artist and getting some good feedback from my entourage. Now I have many years of experience and I got to a point where I can literally make a song in just a few hours with John Question (my music producer). In 2021 I made so many songs that I have lost count. Producers from all over the world are contacting me and sending me beats now. It looks like this productivity trend is not going to end anytime soon 


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