Jade Ashtangini – Music Composer

Taiwanese Modern classical Music Composer

Jade Ashtangini - Music Composer

Jade Ashtangini Real Name: Chen I Hua

Jade Ashtangini Hometown: Taichung city, Taiwan

Jade Ashtangini Age / Born – SEALED

Jade Ashtangini Height: 164cm

Jade Ashtangini Music Video

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Jade Ashtangini Biography

Every once in a while, you might come across a musician who so incredibly diverse and versatile that it’s completely amazing to witness at the sheer scope of the artist’s creativity and ability to explore different ideas. Such is definitely the case of Jade Ashtangini, who is actually much more than a regular music maker.

She is indeed a multitalented individual who is a musical yogini, pianist, composer, cellist, yoga mantra/kirtan chanter/singer, yoga teacher, photographer, and more. Jade is busy with some many different creative endeavors, but at the core of it all, it’s all about creating a deeper spiritual connection with people through music and art.

Jade is based in Dallas, the U.S. and Taiwan who loves music extremely, and loves to keep learning in life. She has been classically trained since her childhood, the music composed by her is so soothing and graceful, some are even quite lively rhythms. Most of her music styles are modern classical, contemporary, minimalist, new age, classical crossover, ambient, yoga meditation, mantra/kirtan, and she sings for her own songs sometimes. 

Her singles, “Life As It Is,” “Long Time Sun(Instrumental) ” and “猫のぬくもり” were featured on editorial station such as Relaxing, New Age Instrumental and AMP: Fresh Cuts by Pandora Music. Her unique soul can arouse people’s inner spirit and bring peace of mind. 
Her music is often loved by curators of Spotify playlists and continues to be shared across numerous Spotify playlists, as well as is often presented, shared and played by music journalists, blogs, podcasts, labels, radios and publishers, etc.,

For Jade Ashtangini personally, music is the greatest spiritual nourishment in life, and she enjoys being immersed in the beautiful music of her daily life. She loves to compose calming piano, cello & spiritual yoga music for people to practice yoga, meditate, study or simply just to relax. Do enjoy her intoxicating music while you’re listening to music.

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