IceWolf72 – Music Producer

American Music Producer

IceWolf72 - Music Producer

IceWolf72 Real Name: Lon Smith

IceWolf72 Hometown: Wake Forest, North Carolina

IceWolf72 Age / Born – Jan 30, 1981

IceWolf72 Height: 5′ 10″

IceWolf72 Music Videos

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IceWolf72 Biography

I have been engaged in music since birth. Both of my parents were DJ’s when I was little. My family moved from New York to North Carolina. The family favorite was Earth, Wind, and Fire. My journey began in Elementary school with a pencil and a quarter. By Middle school I was playing Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, and Tenor Saxophone. 

Though I stopped and served on the Frontline in Iraq. In which I served in the Marines, Navy, and the Army. Plus having 4 tours in Iraq. From this point is where I began to struggle with PTSD. Gaining the chance to join the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars).

I got into Krump Dancing after. Which leads into acting and modeling. Performing in 3 different circus groups. Even having several stage performances in Theaters groups.

The Pandemic halted several plans, but my love for music continued. I began to make beats. This was able to happen due to technology finally catching up. I literally had to wait like Howard Stark cause I have been ready to make music for years now. As my collection of songs started to grow. By the 100th track I had made, I figured I had to share my music. People began to notice the positive vibes. So since 2020, I have been dropping instrumental albums monthly, and currently I am up to my 29th album. This way if I happen to make music for movies, games, or commercials. I already have a lengthy portfolio.

Due to my struggles with PTSD. I wanted to help others with problems like mine. Now I make instrumental music for those with mental health issues. Sometimes words can cause dramatic thoughts and stress. This is why when I do music alone, I only make instrumental music. Making my music available to all, and I’m blessed to even make it this far.

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