Human Petting Zoo – Independent Artist

American Singer Songwriter

Human Petting Zoo - Independent Artist

Human Petting Zoo Real Name: Rayne Lee Blakeman

Human Petting Zoo Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio

Human Petting Zoo Age / Born – 06/18/1997

Human Petting Zoo Height: 5′ 5″

Human Petting Zoo Music Videos

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Human Petting Zoo Biography

HPZ is Rayne, a midwestern/appalachia based artist. HPZ has been mostly inactive since 2017, and over the years I’ve been focusing more on projects such as Honey Club, Rayne & the Six-Star System, SAP, and Misbehaving. This music project started as an outlet to express my frustrations and in turn, heal and empower myself. As a teenager I often felt very frustrated by my circumstances and felt as if I had no power.

I started writing lyrics at age nine, and full blown songs with music accompanying them at age 12. My first instrument that I learned all by myself (with help from the internet) was the ukulele; an extremely simple, upbeat, treble heavy tiny instrument. Music and songwriting is where I truly stepped into my power, for what felt like the first time. As a teen, I chose to go down the path of online homeschooling, so I could breeze through my studies and get back to writing music full time.

I would write songs like diary entries and sing my heart out, and miraculously these songs touched the hearts of others. I realized I could share my voice and perspective through my music, and maybe someone would hear it and heal, too. I am still trying to figure out how to use my music as a platform to really create change, and I am working on songs that I hope will spark something in people… but really, through my music, my goal is unlearn and unravel unconscious conditioning that hinders my growth and expansion, and bring that light to all who encounter my songs.

This is my service to the universe. Thank you for listening, and I encourage you to find mediums of expression that allow you to find your power, where you can sing, paint, draw, and shout your truth loud and clear!

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