HondEpic (Producer) – Independent Artist

South African music composer, music producer, and pianist

HondEpic Real Name: Ross Miracle Mangaliso Honde

HondEpic Hometown: Queenswood, Pretoria

HondEpic Age / Born – 30th December 1991

HondEpic Height: 164cm

HondEpic Music Videos

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HondEpic Biography

Malawian-born musician Ross Honde a.k.a HondEpic is a music composer, producer, and pianist. Ross didn’t always want to be a musician, he intended to become a pilot as he had a passion for planes growing up. His father always played the piano at church and that’s where his perspective on his plans changed.

Having a passion for the piano, Ross took up music in high school and eventually majored in Sound Engineering and Music at the Academy of Sound Engineering and the University of Pretoria respectively.

Ross is qualified in sound technology. He got his Honors (postgraduate) degree at the University of Pretoria, focusing on music technology, and generally has a passion for technology.

As a hobby, Ross is an avid gamer and generally jokes about how playing games is him doing “market research” for video game music composition. His other hobbies include watching movies, series, anime, and animation, where the bulk of his musical inspiration comes from.

Music Career
Ross’ music career is still in its infancy but he has released music on streaming platforms (Spotify, youtube music, etc.) and also owns a YouTube channel where he posts most of his original music ideas as well as some covers from time to time. He is mostly focused on composing music that is cinematic but isn’t beholden to a single genre as he believes a musician should always challenge themselves creatively as a means of growth; even though he has a passion for the orchestra, challenging himself with other genres is a good way to learn and grow as a better musician.

Inspired by composers like Hans Zimmer and Hiroyuki Sawano, to name a couple, Ross Honde seeks a career in film, videogame, and media composition. He was specifically inspired by the Attack on Titan anime soundtrack (composed by Sawano) which led him down the path of composing orchestral music as a career. Although earlier on his journey as a musician, the band Linkin Park inspired his music overall. He considers them to be his favorite musicians of all time.

Whereas he is still an up and comer, Ross hopes that his music will reach millions of ears as he seeks to inspire and spread his passion for music around the world. He has a saying he hopes people can take into heart, “Music heals the soul”.

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