Guns Discovered At Rapper A$AP Rocky’s L.A. Home Were Not Used In Shooting

Guns Found At Rapper A$AP Rocky's L.A. Home Were Not Used In Shooting

By Media Music News – April 29, 2022

Rapper A$AP Rocky received good news and bad news on yesterday’s raid of his L.A. home. LAPD sources tell Media Music News, the guns they discovered at the A$AP’s home did not match the gun used in the shooting.

The bad news is our LAPD sources say they have video footage of the shooting in their possession … possibly from a surveillance camera in the area. Rocky was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon which cops believe he shot a man in Hollywood, California last November (2021) during an heated argument, grazing the unidentified man’s hand.

If the video has clear view of what happened, it could be bad news for the rapper. The video could be more powerful evidence than the gun itself.

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As for the guns, we’ve now learned police did in fact find multiple weapons when they executed a no knock search warrant on his home last week, but they determined at the location neither of the guns were not the weapon they were looking for. In fact, we’re told police found shell casings at the crime scene from the actual gun used, so it was already made known the type of caliber, and neither of the guns at Rocky’s home were a match.

Our A$AP sources say all weapons discovered were all registered and legally purchased.

We’re also told police ran the serial number on the weapons and they were all legally purchased. Turns out our the sources were correct, cops didn’t take the guns to the station – they left them at the rapper’s house.

The D.A. has not decided whether to charge the hip hop star.

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