Grecia Vallejo – Independent Artist

Mexican Singer

Grecia Vallejo - Independent Artist

Grecia Vallejo Real Name: Grecia Michelle Vallejo Cabrera

Grecia Vallejo Hometown: Guasave, Sinaloa

Grecia Vallejo Age / Born – July 20, 2001

Grecia Vallejo Height: 1.60 m

Grecia Vallejo Music Videos

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Grecia Vallejo Biography

Grecia Michelle Vallejo Cabrera (Guasave, Sinaloa; July 20 2001), better know as Grecka, Is a mexican singer and composer. She is a new pop artist that is looking for recognition in the industry. With her first single Agraduele released on November 8th, 2021 written by her and Ricardo Orrantia her uncle and Musical Producer, she is getting known globally and experiments with new sounds.

Before she got to name Grecka her first artist name was Grecia Vallejo where she was active as a singer and blogger from 2016 to the beginning of 2021, she used to upload covers to YouTube of many artists like; Billie Eilish, Lana del Rey, Matisse, Camilo, Rosario Flores, and many others. But decided to change her name to another shorter, easy to get pronounced and to remember. 

Since she was a child, always showed music skills, most of the time murmuring music and dancing around family and friends. Her first closeness to music was when she was 2 years old singing with her aunt Anabel who used to sing in a group, in her worlds; I remember getting excited seeing my auntie singing every day in the house, asking me to sing with her, that was the moment I realized I love singing. 

Always being an extrovert until she get to elementary school, began to be shy so, she stopped singing for others but never to herself. Then she get to secondary and everything changed when one of her classmates catch her singing in the bathroom in 2015. All her friends started asking her to sing at school and to up videos to Facebook at the time, she did it.

Then at the age of 13 went to a music school in her city Guasave called Casa de la Cultura; got in the choir and took guitar lessons until she was 17. 

Now, she writes her music and she’s working on her first album.

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