Gold CHAIN (Rapper) – Independent Artist

Nigerian Rapper

Gold CHAIN (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Gold CHAIN Real Name: Victor ikechukwu Nkwachukwu

Gold CHAIN Hometown: Abia state

Gold CHAIN Age / Born – 25 September 2001

Gold CHAIN Height: 4′ 9″

Gold CHAIN Music Videos

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Gold CHAIN Biography

Gold CHAIN real name is Victor ikechukwu Nkwachukwu. Am from Abia state, Nigeria.

Am a rapper and a vocalist and my artist name is Gold CHAIN.

My genre of music is Hip hop and Rnb.

Am an independent artist who has been managing myself and I have reached some audience in who showed me love and I have hope of reaching more audience that love my music but I believe everyone can relate to my music.

I gave interest in music since I was a child and I’ve loved listening to the likes of Drake, juice wrld, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber , the kid laroi and so many others.

My dream is to one day be among the leading artist in music and I know that one day I would sure attain that height.

My music is loved by all.

My first Ep: in my feelings

This Ep is just a reality of my life at that moment so I just decided to put it down in a song.

I really have a very challenging life and I try as hard as I can to cope with my reality and to  turn my problems into my smile.

It’s a project really worked hard on.

I have so many songs I would want to release before next year and I hope to reach more audience by next year.

My single: Born to be great

This song is really one of a kind and I know it’s really a blast.

It’s a project I call “hope for us all” 

I know that some day I will be one of the leading artist round the world.

Am open for collaboration from different artist.

I make music for the love I have for it and the love I have for music would never die.

It’s me


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