Gloaty (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

Gloaty (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Gloaty Real Name: Carl Davis 

Gloaty Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Gloaty Age / Born – September 27 1995

Gloaty Height: 5′ 7″

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Gloaty Biography


Musician Gloaty was earning his place in rap music by the age of 15 where he wrote his first song and. recorded his first song he would later preform with his friends from the neighborhood and friends at his local high school in Chicago, Illinois. This is where he realized his dream of being a hip-hop/popstar could actually become is reality.

The rapper continued perfecting his craft as a song writer when he dropped his first music video “LoveCarto” By Carto which was his first original artist name before he changed it two times later to permanently get his final name. As he dropped his first music video, a lot of his fans quickly became engaged to his unique style and sound.


Carl Anthony Davis was born September 27, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois. Carl spent his early years
surviving a lot of violence on the Chicago south side. His Influences came from different genres of music such as hiphop, pop, r&b, and rock. Carls’ Favorite Influencers were Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Kid Cudi, Lil Boosie, Chief Keef, Paramore, Fallout boy, and Maroon5. By the age of 15, Carl had a huge fanbase in high school and his neighborhood, which also sparked him to start preforming at a lot of his neighborhood events.

To pursue his music career, he began to drop more music videos and recording more songs to
gain his popularity and fanbase. As he continued to go along with his career, he also was facing
a lot of traumas from losing his friends to gun violence. He also was losing his family members
as well during the same time period. This caused him to lose focus in his music career for years!


In 2019, Carl revived his career by realizing rap is his passion. After he worked jobs in manager
positions, spent most of his life hustling, provided for him and his family since he was 15; he
partied, had a complicated love life, frequently clubbed, and was in and out of jail. Even
through all the violence around his neighborhood, he also had a lot of fun and has made a lot of memories to cherish forever.

Through all the trails and tribulations, he decided to take his rap career more serious and
consistently. He began dropping more music and content under his new rap name “Glotoe”,
which made him revive his music career and gain more fanbase. He then gained rapid exposure, which helped him perform his first ever Chicago show in 2019. Glotoe also dropped his first ever mixtape, which was called “Bipolar”. This mixtape intrigued his fans to become more attentive to his versatile artistry. Dealing with a lot of trauma and emotional distress and
depression, he put most of his emotions into his first mixtape.

After a couple years of consistency, Glotoe was booked to perform in Atlanta, Georgia for BET
weekend. While enjoying his vacation time in Atlanta, Georgia, an altercation occurred, which
stemmed from jealousy, where a situation could’ve been life or death! By him surviving this
situation, he made it home safe and sound. On his way home back to Chicago, he slowly started to face depression and suicidal thoughts.

Meanwhile, another altercation occurred stemming from jealousy as well, made him realize his power and talent in his rap career. One day, as Glotoe was just scrolling on Instagram, watching some of his favorite underground artist, he notices Lil Quill, who is a rapper that was once signed to 1017 (Gucci Manes’ record label) on Instagram live. Lil Quill noticed that Glotoe wanted to join the live, which Lil Quill invited him on, and they began to bond and conversate on live; they even began stunting with money on live together. After that day, built a bond and conversated frequently. Just as Glotoe was about to give up again, Quill renewed his hope by giving him an opportunity to work with him.

As Glotoe accepted the opportunity and guidance from Lil Quill; it made Glotoe believed him
himself like never did before in his life, which encouraged him to make music more consistently
than he ever did in his life. As time went by, Glotoe and Lil Quill made two tracks of their own
together. Glotoe had then established a new relationship with one of the top producers in
Chicago/Atlanta. This award-winning producer goes by the name “Jungleboybeats”, which
made Glotoes’ career arise more than ever!

As Glotoe starts realizing and reaching his full potential, part of his environment began to constantly bring him down to make him fail. As time go by, Glotoe was dropping track after track but suddenly, on one New Years’ Day, in 2022, one of his friends supposedly had passed away. The friend that allegedly passed away, Glotoe had a lot of love for. Glotoe grieved so gravely, he tatted his friends’ name on his face beside his 20-year childhood long lost friend, Shaquille Holmes. This alleged death caused him to almost overdose on promethazine and throw him off his path to new beginnings.

Gloaty (New Beginnings)

Allegedly, the friend whom passed away, did NOT pass away. At that point, he knew he had to
put his faith in God and isolate himself to focus on his rap career. By the time Glotoe found out,
he had already changed his rap name to “Gloaty”, which he tatted on his face (Big Gloaty) that
was replaced from the tattoo of his alleged dead friend.

As Gloaty began to realize the fake love from the real love, he began to finally embrace the true
him that he couldn’t always express because his environment, due to being judged and made
fun of. Now Gloaty has been making some of the best versatile music that he ever made, he is
even singing now. This attracted a more diverse crowd of people, where his fanbase began to
expand worldwide! As he is getting booked and paid for shows, still doing pop ups, he has a
now hungry passion for is music career.

Furthermore, Gloaty has been gaining more popularity through social media after pages being
hacked and took down, the world is finally starting to accept Gloaty for being himself. As of
everyone’s acceptance, Gloaty is now speaking to the world about his life and the things he has been through. This is allowing him to engage and collaborate with worldwide artists. Some of his energetic, futuristic, and lovable sounds has the world wondering what genre he categorizes under! If we were to ask Gloaty, he is a versatalien! To leave off on a good note, after his first Instagram had been hacked, he reconnected with his long lost social-peer Lil Benny, they began to collaborate together.

Personal Life

Growing up with a hard-knock life, Carl was abandoned at only 9 months of age by his biological parents. This seemed like a tragic life waiting to happen until Ms. Erma Davis (born February 7, 1924), come in and saved his life. In which she gained full custody of him, and made him one of her own out of 8 other biological children she currently had.

Growing up without his biological mother and father, he dealt with a lot of depression and
insecurities, by not feeling like he wasn’t enough in this world. He gained unconditional love for
Ms. Erma Davis, who showed him unconditional love he needed in return.

As Carl grew up, he was always different from your average kid. He attended in every sport at
his school these sports were flag football, contact football, basketball, AAU basketball,
cheerleading, choir, volleyball, and even tennis! He was always athletic, popular, and had
misunderstood friends just like himself. Back then, half of his friends were females who
genuinely accepted him for his true self. This made him engage into music, fashion, skating, and seeing more to life at a young age. But now, Carl has finally been at peace with himself after finding out who his biological parents were, which still took years after to truly forgive them.

Carl loves to have fun, party, and listen to music. Even though he had a crazy, fun, and wild
adventure growing up, Carl had a crazy past with his love life dealing with females. He still is
one of the most inspiring, loving, outgoing person in peoples’ lives. He is still a ladies’ man with
a lot of charisma and has a lot more to offer to the music world.

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