Faran Karem (Rapper) – Independent Artist

Canadian Rapper

Faran Karem (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Real Name: Faran Karem

Faran Karem  Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Faran Karem  Age / Born – February 22, 1989

Faran Karem  Height: 5 ft 11″

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Faran Karem  Music Video

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Faran Karem Biography

[Faran Karem] Political Rapper [Royal Karem] was earning place in Political Rap & Hip Hop music by the age of [10] where [Faran] wrote his first verse  to a song later know as God’s Divine aka Rabb Da Banda he would later perform with friends in his Calgary neighborhood. This is where he realized his dream of being a [Rap] star could actually become his reality. In His rise to notoriety the [RAPPER] continued sharpening [HIS] skills as a songwriter and recording artist. [Faran Karem]continued writing and rehearsing songs in preparation to eventually perform in front of larger crowds than just people in His local area.

Early Life: 

Farhan was born [1989.Feb.22], in [Lahore, Punjab]. Farhan spent early years in Brooklyn (NYC) to Montreal, Canada where he would hang out with his crew including Sagar G and Miztah Brown who also became a rapper to his findings later in life after reunited with the East Coast crew almost 15 years later. 

Him and Sagar used to practice martial arts, play Jackie Chan on PS1 and also make music after class from his 90’s desktop and burn it to a CD . The first collection of  their favorite artist work was Tupac’s official record that came out in 1999. It is what got their fascination with Hip Hop & Rap music. Farhan came to Calgary because of his Father’s political ties in Alberta. His father always talked about social justice and ran as an independent MLA in Pakistan against the corruption of Nawaz Sharif party hence, after which he was almost killed and kidnapped to be beaten up by the Mob. 

After which the Father decided to migrate to a safe country like Canada where he could provide a better life for this offspring. In Calgary, Faran finished a double major in Engineering and Business Commerce and worked as an accountant for a few years. Farhan is also passionate about the financial markets and spotting patterns in a given financial statement. However, music gives him a voice to talk beyond society and the issues that the mainstream politicians do not want to address. Such a character was portrayed by him in the song story of “Foreign Policy” in his recent album MASSACRE.

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