Eric Sheffer (Singer) – Independent Artist

American Singer

Eric Sheffer Real Name: Eric Sheffer

Eric Sheffer Hometown: Palo Alto, CA USA

Eric Sheffer Age / Born – May 12, 2004

Eric Sheffer Height: 5′ 8″

Eric Sheffer Music Video

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Eric Sheffer Biography

My name is Eric Sheffer. I am a musician from Palo Alto, California. I have a rare ability known as perfect pitch. This means I can easily tell one note from another as if each individual note was its own color. I wrote my first piece, a classical song when I was 10 years old. In 2019, I realized that writing pop music instead of classical music would make me able to expand my audience.

That year, I released my first pop song, “No Mercy” which was about a falling out I had recently. My first pop song was received positively by my friends and their positivity encouraged me to write more.I then proceeded to develop my first album, which I decided to call “51204.” When COVID hit, I made a song detailing how even if we were all separate, we were still together as one.

I released more songs throughout the rest of 2020, and by early 2021, my debut album was ready. I received positive reception for my album, and since writing and recording music was my passion, I decided to do more that year. That year, I released two EPs, “Your Name Here” and “Boys will be Boys.”

In early 2022, I became jealous of a certain singer, since they were able to be so successful while having very little talent. It made me feel even worse when it came out that they were stealing music. I believe people who are caught stealing should not be entitled to the success they get. As a result, I came out with two songs, “Jealousy” and “Do the Impossible.” “Jealousy” describes my feelings towards this singer, and “Do the Impossible” portrays me as a small David while portraying this singer as Goliath. The song shows how I will “do the impossible”-showing that I have more talent than them. 

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