Drewsy B. (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

Drewsy B. (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Drewsy B. Real Name: Andrew Levett Brown

Drewsy B. Hometown: San Diego, CA

Drewsy B. Age / Born – 05/31/1990

Drewsy B. Height: 6′ 1″ 1/2

Drewsy B. Music Video

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Drewsy B. Biography

My name is Andrew L Brown. I am a artist/songwriter. Who goes By the name of Drewsy B.

I’m from southeast San Diego. “YES” “The city of palm trees, and colors that pop out more than usual… NO KIZZY. WHOOP

I’m a man still finding himself. I’ve Been through a lot of trails and tribulations. Like MOST of y’all around the world. (FRFR)..

 I had came in this world backwards. But God & Music saved my life though. On top of a lot of friends and fans, all say I have the gift of expressing. Opening more than just your eyes and mind. I feel like I talk to the soul. 

My story is…..

I went from banging, struggling, to Spending 5yrs in jail, facing 75 to LYFE +LYFE. My life was, and is rough. But hey, beating it on the month of my birthday. With a public defender. Had Only left me with 3 words ( blessings on blessings). Amen!

 I now reside in Louisiana. Where I’m reaching out to new artists from different areas of the jungle… So if you like what you hear, and want to create some magic together. Don’t be afraid to reach out to my name handle (Drewsy_B)

I’d like to think of myself as an conscience Artist… My words are very expression able.

I tell it how it is, the GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY. with no sugarcoating. Displaying my life’s story. With hidden “Gems” inside of my biography. I mean, Unless I’m on some lovey dovey type, YEAHHHH. (Smh) That part. LOL. ANYWAYS!!! Check out my conscience and lifestyle, and see how much we relate… Just like you’re life. My life is a movie, just waiting to be heard. So step into the world of Drewsy B, and fall in love with every scene. 

My time is coming, but I’m not running. I’m walking to my success.

That way I don’t miss the obvious…

To all my fans, Thank you for your constant support. Like No cap, it really means A lot to me to know that you can relate, or comprehend my lifestyle. 

So with that being said, I hope that through my words. You get to open the doors, you never knew was in front of you.

And for those just tuning in. You’ve came to the right place to elevate. Learn me, while escaping reality.

Thank you for your time. And last but not least, I wanna give a shot out to (MEDIA MUSIC NEWS) FOR THE OPPORTUNITIES THEY CONTINUE TO BLESS ME WITH….


Stamped by – Drewsy B

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