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Deveondi Real Name: Deveondi Dewayne Gibson, Sr.

Deveondi Age / Born July 25, 1981

Deveondi Height: 5′ 8″

Deveondi Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Deveondi Net Worth: TBA

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Executive Producer, songwriter, producer, and rapper Deveondi made headlines in hip hop music in 2020 and has gone on to become one of the top acts in pop and hip hop culture.

Who is Deveondi

Musician Deveondi was earning his place in rap music by the age of 13 where he wrote his first verse to a song he would later perform with friends at his local middle school in Atlanta, Georgia. This is where he realized his dream of being a hip hop star could actually become his reality.

The rapper continued sharping his skills as a songwriter when he and two of his friends at the time formed their own dynamic trio. That rap group didn’t last very long but Deveondi continued writing and rehearsing songs he then performed for the neighborhood kids where he grew up.

Early Life

Deveondi Dewayne Gibson was born July 25, 1981, in Atlanta, Georgia. Deveondi spent his early years surviving the housing project in the western part of Atlanta. His influences came from now classic rappers in the early 90’s in hip hop. By the age of 15, Deveondi was in the studio recording his very first demo where he sent it to multiple record labels such as Laface Records, Capital Records, and Jive Records.

At that time Capital Records showed interest but Deveondi’s mom didn’t believe in his dream and told him no to flying out to California to at least see what they were offering. Deveondi was devastated by this turn of events but kept on writing songs.

To pursue his music career, Deveondi often read books about the music business, bought CD’s just to gather more information about the structure of a record label as well as collecting contact information about key people in the music industry at the time.

In the midst of that he branched out to co-write with other writer in the music industry in another attempt to get a record deal from a major record label. Noticing his determination and dedication, Deveondi’s friends at the time asked him if he would join their rap group which worked out for the best as they eventually landed a record deal with a small local record label in the year 1999.

Record Label

In 2004 after patiently awaiting the end a bitter contract and being empowered to do it better, Deveondi started his own record label, called Vondi Music. The label signed two other artist and they performed and hosted local shows in the Atlanta metro area. Vondi Music artist learned first hand the demands of pre-digital music sales when they were selling music from the trunk and “beating the bushes” for fan loyalty.

Hip Hop Music Career

Amazing live performances around the Georgia area helped Deveondi build momentum, confidence, and a following that gave him what he needed for what would happen after his contract had ended. After 5 years, zero albums, and a few good features on other artists songs Deveondi decided to step out on his own to begin his solo career as a hip hop artist.

In 2004 he create his own record label where he wrote and produced his first album ‘I Ain’t No Gangsta’. As this project was developing so was Deveondi as he asked some local producers to help him learn the fundamental of producing music. They were more than happy to help the rapper create his own sound which later became his signature in the music industry.

With no major label to back him Deveondi finished the entire album himself while simultaneously working at a local grocery store to fund his dream. In 2005 he finally released his very first solo album which he sold CDs himself out of the trunk of this car. From 2005 – 2007 Deveondi self promote the album but quickly discovered he didn’t know much about marketing so he had to go back to the drawing board.

The journey became a bit different for the rapper as he bought and read books on marketing and how it works. By this time Deveondi knew he had his work cut out for him to learn more about the business of music. While priding himself on not going to college he realized it took him longer to understand it because of the lack of formal education. Nevertheless he finally learned what was needed to be successful. 

In 2010 he decided to get back in the music business and while doing so he noticed things where starting to change and did not like it at all. Deveondi decided in that moment he would never do music again as long as it was going in the direction it was going. From 2010 – 2019 Deveondi work as a IT representative, Book and magazine editor, and a delivery driver. Not once in that time period did Deveondi pick up a pen to write any songs. 

Towards the end of 2019 things started to change for Deveondi and he felt an urge to write again. By February of 2020 Deveondi realized he had written, produced, and recorded enough music to release an album in which he released the first of two albums released in that same year.

2020 Album Releases

After taking such a long hiatus Deveondi was back in the industry more equipped and ready to make a huge positive impact in the world of hip hop. Prior to releasing any music in 2020 he created new company Deveondi Publishing Co. The first of two albums was released on February 18, 2020 entitled ‘Real Events’. This album was his reintroduction to his existing fans and also for the people that had never heard of him before then.

The attention grew fast around this album because it is the type of positive music that isn’t boring while listening to it. One of the breakout songs on the album is the self titled track ‘Real Events’ where the rapper opened up about his abandonment issues with his father. 

That same year there was a lot of tension surrounding the murder of George Floyd, police brutality and the Black Lives Matter organization. The hip hop star decided to get involved and wrote, produced, recorded, and released the hit song ‘Don’t You Ever (Black Lives Matter)’. A week later he release his 2nd album ‘Last Definition of Dope’ which is one of his best selling albums. This particular album was released on June 19, 2020

2021 Album Release

After releasing his sophomore album ‘Last Definition Of Dope’ Deveondi didn’t stop writing and recording and before he realize it he had 8 songs recorded and decided to release the album in 2021. The problem with this was his release date for the album was set for a year later and in between that time he continued writing and recording.

Because of this, his original plan for a 8 song album became an album which now has 15 songs entitled ‘Adjust The Limelight’. Deveondi released singles ‘Look At Her’, Adjust The Limelight, ‘Happy And You Know It’, and ‘Please Answer Me’ before releasing the entire album on September 24, 2021.

Personal Life

Although Deveondi is a private person and likes to keep his personal life as such, much of his personal life and passions are expressed in his music. In 2012, Deveondi welcomed Deveondi, JR and soon after officially became a full-time single father in 2014. Deveondi is currently in a relationship with his high school sweetheart. After a long hiatus, the couple accepted their feelings for each other and are now talking about marriage and blending their families. The couple has been in a series of on-again-off again relationships since the 90’s.

Unfortunately in 2022 Deveondi and his first loves relationship ended for reasons unknown to Media Music News. However, the rapper did reveal in an interview that he has not giving up on love and still plans on getting married someday.

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