Deuce Reece – Independent Artist

Nigerian Rapper

Deuce Reece (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Deuce Reece Real Name: Esosa Philip Idemudia

Deuce Reece Hometown: Benin City, Edo

Deuce Reece Age / Born – October 25, 1999

Deuce Reece Height: 5’10 (178cm)

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Deuce Reece Biography

With the talent of core poetry writing, vocal uniqueness and the sensational wordsmithing of a lyrical and musical genius, Deuce Reece has harnessed the ability to write and record in a way that makes his art extremely dynamic and unique for every piece of music that he creates. This type of mastery makes Deuce Reece a game changer capable of making multi-platinum and chart topping hits with every piece of music that he puts out.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Nigeria, a native of Benin City, with constant practice and dedication to his undeniable love and passion for drafting sublime rap sentences, he has completely evolved with his creativity and flair which has allowed him to further refine his music into the unique sound that you can hear on his latest song ‘Typical Me’.

His voice is resonant, commanding a sense of authority which allows him to mine his experiences and those of others into the context of his vision to make an impact and win the hearts of the fans with the music that he creates. Deuce Reece knows exactly what he wants to say, merging his intelligence and multi-rhyming skill to draft perfect metaphors, tell stories and break down everyday life experiences with corresponding scenerios.

You can witness his lyrical and rhythmic brilliance on his solo mixtape ‘Breakthrough’ which includes songs like ‘All About Me’ and ‘Hollywood’ where he focused on self-examination alongside self-criticism and societal outlook. The 13-track solo independent project was released on November 6, 2020 and is available for free stream on SoundCloud.

He developed his sound and style of rap by deep studying and thoughtful elucubration on lyrical intelligence and hit song compositions which has in turn prepared him for worldwide mainstream success. As an independent artist, Deuce Reece is on his way to being one of the greatest to ever step on a microphone.

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