Darwins law  (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

Darwins law  (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Darwins law  Real Name: Darwin Wade

Darwins law  Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Darwins law  Age / Born – 04/06/1997

Darwins law  Height: 5 ft 11″

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Darwins law Biography

My name is Darwin’s law, I am independent artist from Kansas City Missouri. I was born and raised with music as been in my life since a young infant. With all of my elders having a foot in music I pick it up easily and started to take my writing seriously in 2017 and have had my mind set on perfecting my craft.

I not only write and produce music and video but also direct them as well. I plan on growing my brand and business along the word for other artist under me who don’t have the resources that a major artist would have. I enjoy making music as well as building an artist to he’s or hers full potential. My music is on various platforms and I have a few social platforms the title of my latest project is called complete utter failure produced mostly by myself and other producers and engineers.

I have recorded in the studio of industry sounds and a few done in the comfort of my homeowners named my last project what it is because in the midst of making this project I was going through some hard time and was finding it hard to continue with my music career. Things aren’t paradise still but I continue trucking and I plan on making music until my time is up because it’s what makes it worth it and the end of the day I would my ultimate goal for my career.

My goal in the music industry is to tour the world to sold out show after show that would be plenty of satisfaction for me and my time also I forgot to mention that I’m a part owner of a production company as well as a management company I hope you enjoy the music as much as I love to create it.

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