Codeine Planet(Rapper)-Independent Artist

South African Rapper & Singer

Codeine Planet Real Name: Jayden Smith

Codeine Planet Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

Codeine Planet Age / Born – 18/06/2005

Codeine Planet Height: 5’ 7″

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Codeine Planet Biography

I Codeine Planet am a very persistent and hard working person and I try my best to make my parents happy As I get older my focus is to study on and do the rapping on the side I know I’m not the best rapper.

If I can give my family a better life then I don’t even wanna be the best rapper I was first a soccer player but that career got canceled because I broke both my knee caps and therefore could never play soccer again, so I tried becoming a doctor but that also took a bad turn because I was not good enough or I did not have the subjects.

When I was 4 years old I was already into rap and being a rapper, my cousin played some Eminem and 50cent lyrics to me, oh I almost forgot about NWA my brother also played a big role in this journey because he put me on different type of genres and thing like that and this was genres I never heard before like Travis Scott and Drake and more.

One day I was sitting at my older cousins house and so he puts on a song and I’m listening to it and I find creativity and this artist is expressing himself and not holding anything back because he wasn’t embarrassed, when I was done listening to the song I asked my cousin who is this and he told me this is juice wrld and this happened 2018 and its 2022 now.

Four years ago this happened and till today I see juice wrld as my idol and that made me go into emo rapping and that was the biggest change of my life cause now I’m starting to get noticed and my music is getting better.

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