Chris Wade (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

Chris Wade (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Chris Wade Real Name: Christopher Wade Fulton

Chris Wade Hometown: Houston, TX

Chris Wade Age / Born – 8/15/1981

Chris Wade Height: 6′ 2″

Chris Wade Music Videos

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Chris Wade Biography

Chris Wade is a hip-hop artist from Houston Texas who once had dreams of being an NBA basketball player but his passion for music didn’t take long to overpower his love for the game. He started off making a name for himself by showcasing his lyrical abilities and jumping into impromptu freestyle cyphers.

This not only occurred in the hallways of his alma mater Oak Ridge High School, but at weekend house parties as well. It was in these social settings that he began to grow into the artist that he is today.  with a strong passion for music earning him tenure in the music game. His hunger and dedication to his craft has enabled C.

Wade to work amongst the most prominent of music professionals in such as Supa Produca D. Botts (BottzWorld Productions), C-Moe the One (The Narrators), Just Brittany, DJ Esco, KalanionDaBeat (The Hitz Depot), Chris “Kartier” Williams (The Pharmacy), 50/50 Lifestyle & StrictGrind WyFy to name a few. On a recent project, he paid Country Rapper Bubba Sparxxx $1,000 for a feature and never received anything but a few messages.

After months of being ignored, Wade started a movement called the Damn Shame Campaign to expose Mr. Mathis and make sure this doesn’t happen to any other unsuspecting artist/fan. On November 19, 2021 he released “Country Breakfast” (Bubba Sparxxx Diss) to run along side the campaign.

Determined to never disappoint his loyal appreciated fans, Wade pushes to keep releasing heat with fire lyrics followed up by a killer performance on and off the stage. With the twinkle in his eye, Chris Wade has always been a star at heart, which is why he cant stop and wont stop until he reaches the top. 

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