Camerda-G (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper/Singer

Camerda-G Real Name: Labronce Aturol Johnson JR.

Camerda-G Hometown: Stamps, Arkansas

Camerda-G Age / Born – 11/20/1987

Camerda-G Height: 5′ 9″

Camerda-G Music Video

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Camerda-G Biography

Camerda-G 32 year old male artist Birth name LaBronce Aturol Johnson Jr. Stage name Camerda-G, Camerda-G is a upcoming rap artist from Stamps Arkansas home to the late Poet and Activist Maya Angelou, whom he looks up to for she is the only person to become famous from his home town.

Camerda-G was born on November 20th 1987 he is a Scorpio, he loves soul food, Chinese food & pasta, born and raised in a very talented family, from dancers, to drawers to singers and poets.

Blessed with multiple capabilities and abilities there is in his family – from drawing, to doing graphic designs, singing, rapping, writing lyrics, producing and recording his own music. Joined a few groups in his music career even starting his own group

“Going Bird Record’s”, started out with a group named Tripple Thrill with his friends in 1988. He joined Sold Out Record’s in late 2016, performing in places like little rock, Malvern Arkansas Dallas tx etc…, Camerda-G moved back to southwest Arkansas leaving him as a solo artist, eventually moving to Atlanta Georgia to try to jumpstart his music career. Soon after the rapper received a phone call that his oldest brother got killed, having to leave all of his dreams behind.

Since then Camerda-G has released 8 albums, 3 Ep’s, and 8 singles as a solo artist. With his music he plans to become one of the world’s top influencers to shine light on some subjects that people no longer touch on. He mainly speaks about things that he’s done or been through in his lifetime.

Having a rough childhood raised by a single parent, his brothers’ death by a white supremacist and going to jail multiple times was a wake up call to leave the streets and pursue his rap career once again, With his diverse skills and knowledgeable lyrics, Arkansas native Camerda-G plans to move forward and hopefully become one of the greatest of all time.

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