Bxnkz (Rapper) – Independent Artist

English Singer

Bxnkz (Singer) - Independent Artist

Bxnkz Real Name: Tae Ebanks

Bxnkz Hometown: London, England

Bxnkz Age / Born – 07/01/2001

Bxnkz Height: 5’ 11″

Bxnkz Music Videos

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Bxnkz Biography


Formerly known as Yvng Bxnkz — Bxnkz is a Jamaican heritage Artist, Engineer and Producer from South London. After securing a position as a mix engineer for Finesse Foreva, an up and coming UK Record Label based in South London, ge is beginning to gain leverage ahd grow his artistry after a long hiatus since his last drop “2 Sides of the Same Coin” in December of 2019.

In the underground engineer community, he is best known for his vocal chops or “stutters”, as well as effects in his mixes, inspired by the UK Engineer “Scratch” and “Biggz the Engineer”, which he adds to nearly all his songs as a trademark, with the tag “Ay Bxnkz is that what you’re on?” which was previously “How many vocal chops do you want fam?” And has mixed and mastered songs for the likes of TS 410, Teks Sinatra, Rav Steelo and VerSay (from BBC’s Little Mix: the search).

His production was showcased at a *404 event on August 25th, when G!ft performed his unreleased song “Oh Well”, which was co-produced by SKT, Marcoonthebeat & Bxnkz. As well as mixed by Bxnkz. However after mastering drill production, nearly all his future drill releases will be self produced.

He is best known for his songs Costa Rica and No Violence, Spanish/Latin trap and UK Drill. He has since improved on with songs such as his ‘Run it Up Freestyle’ — which is currently streaming on all platforms which fuses Arab/Indian melodies with drill beats. He has recently started experimenting with Spanish influence in some of his unreleased music. As well as pioneering in producing a new genre which he calls “Fusion Trap”, which incorporates soca with afrobeat melodies and trap & drill 808s… Which you may hear in his upcoming performances or releases.

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